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Mx Master 2s Mouse

Mx Master 2s Mouse

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The MX Master 2S is truly amazing, thanks to Flow technology, which allows you to seamlessly control multiple computers with one mouse and copy and paste content between them. Together with other advanced features and a fantastic design, it delivers exceptional ease of use and precise, customizable control. Take full advantage of the MX Master 2S with Flow to work seamlessly across multiple computers. You can move your cursor across up to three computers and even copy and paste text, images and files from one computer to another. Connect the MX Master 2S to your computer via the micro USB charging cable and within 3 minutes it is charged and ready to run at full power for a whole day. A full charge lasts for up to 70 days. Scroll through long documents and web pages even faster and more conveniently. The scroll wheel with speed adjustment allows you to switch automatically between precise and hyper-fast scrolling. A quick swipe of the side wheel changes the scrolling direction from up to down to sideways. Connect the MX Master 2S using the included Unifying receiver or Bluetooth Low Energy technology. Pair up to 3 devices with s Easy Switch technology and switch between them with a single button press. The perfectly contoured, hand-crafted design keeps your hands and wrists in a comfortable, natural position. Easy-to-reach buttons and wheels give you smooth, accurate control.

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