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Mvx2u Xlr To Usb Audio Interface

Mvx2u Xlr To Usb Audio Interface

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The MVX2U Digital Audio Interface is a powerful, single-channel XLR-to-USB adapter that allows you to connect any XLR microphone to a computer for effortless recording and streaming. With configurable DSP features and full access to Plus MOTIV Desktop App, the compact interface is future-proofed via online firmware updates. Providing up to 60dB of clean gain, the XLR-to-USB adapter has enough power to bring your favorite dynamic microphone, such as the legendary SM7B, to life. It also offers up to 48v of phantom power for connecting a condenser microphone to your computer. Portable, sleek and rugged, the MVX2U can be plugged straight onto an XLR microphone or used in-line with an XLR cable, depending on your setup. Make your favorite dynamic or condenser XLR microphone ready for podcasting or livestreaming with the MVX2U. The XLR-to-USB adapter enables digital recording and streaming right out of the box with Auto Level Mode and phantom power already switched on. MVX2U Digital Audio Interface Features Upgrade your XLR microphone with configurable onboard DSP via the Plus MOTIV Desktop App. A built-in 3.5mm headphone jack with zero-latency monitoring ensures youll get the desired audio output every time. Supplies 48v of phantom power for condenser microphones. Provides clean gain of up to 60dB that is sufficient to amplify signals for dynamic microphones such as SM7B. CPortable form factor with a sleek yet robust build can be plugged straight onto an XLR microphone or used in-line with an XLR cable depending on your desired setup. Compatible with both Mac and Windows, connect your XLR microphone directly to your computer with the included 1m USB-C to USB-C cable.

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