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Mvi Audio Interface

Mvi Audio Interface

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The MVi MOTIV Digital Audio Interface is the ultimate portable studio recording solution - perfect for music producers, instrumentalists and vocalists. The MVi comes equipped with Phantom Power for use with condenser microphones as well as a JFET Class-A buffered instrument preamp input providing the utmost clarity. Whether you re a musician, a gamer or a live-streamer the MVi features everything you need to capture studio-grade recordings. The thing that sets the MVi apart from other audio interfaces is the DSP (digital signal processing) preset modes. These five varied DSP modes change the way the audio interface captures your sources by tweaking EQ, compression and limiter settings. Each setting is specially designed to cater to different recording situations. For instance, when recording vocals you can set the DSP to singing to optimise the interface for recording sung vocals. Simple yet intuitive, the MVi features an intuitive touch panel providing controls for headphone volume, gain and mute settings. You can tweak the interface s audio settings (using iOS devices) via the Plus MOTIV app for added flexibility.

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