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Multiquick 5 Vario Hand Blender

Multiquick 5 Vario Hand Blender

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With the Multi Quick 5 Varo hand blender, you ll have maximum blending control and multiple possibilities when it comes to food preparation. Airspeed technology provides you with a fast one-handed operation so you can select among 21 distinct speeds, along with an Up boost speed, to maximize possibilities for cutting, chopping, and pureeing. With s unique bell-shaped blending shaft and ultra-hard stainless steel blades, food is drawn inward with reduced suction to produce finer, smoother purees and soups - every time. Splash control technology makes cleanup a breeze, minimizing splashing so your food stays in the pot or bowl, just where it belongs. The impressive and durable 400-watt motor offers precision-engineered power that s strong enough to chop, blend or puree even hard foods like nuts or root vegetables with ease. With the Multiquark 5 Varo hand blender in your kitchen, maximum control and multiple possibilities are just the beginning. The MQ5025 package includes a motor/handle, blending shaft, BPA-free beaker, whisk, and chopper.

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