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Bargain Bazaar Paige

Multi Purpose Adjustable Utility Bench Color Series

Multi Purpose Adjustable Utility Bench Color Series

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Customize your home gym with the CAP Strength Multipurpose Adjustable Utility Bench in Yellow. This adjustable bench offers the flexibility and reliability needed when going heavy. The multi-position backrest offers 6 different positions, ranging from an upright position to a declined position. Designed with easy storage in mind, this bench can easily be folded and stored out of the way after use. This adjustable flat, incline, and decline bench can enhance your workout routine by allowing a variety of workouts to be performed at different angles. The double stitched boxed pad is firm yet comfortable and utilizes new foam material and CARB compliant plywood to provide less stress on your joints. The cross tube offers stability for your legs while in a declined position for abdominal exercises. The cold rolled steel tubing and powder coated finish ensure a strong, durable weight bench that will last for years to come.

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