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Mr160 Imaging Moisture Meter

Mr160 Imaging Moisture Meter

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The MR160 is a unique moisture meter combining the traditional contact pins and pinless measurement with a thermal imager. Locating moisture in a property can be a tricky task especially when trying to pinpoint the source. The MR160 uses the power of thermal imaging to help you quickly identify potential trouble spots. Once located you can take then take the moisture readings using the contact pins or the contact plate on the rear of the unit. The thermal imaging part of this meter has been specifically programmed to locate the coldest area on a surface. The display uses an Ice Palette which uses a bright blue colour on a greyscale background. Images can also be captured and downloaded for use in reports. The addition of a laser pointer makes it easy to target specific areas. The MR160 is a time saving device guiding you to the source of the problem so you can make your measurements more quickly and easily.

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