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Mr150 Trailite Matte Bronze Wheels: 17x8.5, 6x135

Mr150 Trailite Matte Bronze Wheels: 17x8.5, 6x135

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If youve been searching for wheels that will take your ride to the next level, look no further than Tuner Wheels! Not only do they look great, theyre designed with performance in mind. Their unique construction means theyre exceptionally strong, lightweight, and offer a sleek connection to your own unique style. Show off your individual flair and be the envy of your peers with Tuner Wheels. Are you ready to get serious about your ride? Take your vehicle s performance to the pinnacle with Tuner Wheels! Built from a unique alloy, these wheels are designed to be lightweight and strong. With over-engineered craftsmanship, you can rest assured that your wheels are up to the challenge. Ready to show your unique style? Tuner Wheels were made for you. Make a statement and turn heads with elegant styling and sleek designs that speaks to your individual flair. No matter your preference, has a Tuner Wheel to suit your taste. Add a touch of class to your ride that is both professional and fun with Tuner Wheels!

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