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Mountain Mountaineer 2 Recurve Bow 62 In. 55 Lbs. Lh

Mountain Mountaineer 2 Recurve Bow 62 In. 55 Lbs. Lh

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Traditionally inspired and crafted to deliver superior performance. The Mountaineer 2.0 offers a lightweight design, and was developed to withstand the rigors of the hunt, while providing optimal performance in the field. The riser has a slim grip design to fit most shooters and crafted with hand-selected Oak, Walnut, and Hard Maple laminated construction. Cradled with a pair of multi-laminate wood limbs featuring reinforced limb tips that set inside heavy-duty aluminum limb pockets. Convenient 3 piece take-down design allows for ease of assembly, and storage during the off-season. Includes a set of both standard and tool-less limb-bolts. Equipped with sight, plunger & stabilizer bushings installed in bow. Each Mountaineer 2.0 comes standard with a both custom Flemish String and a Dacron String. AMO bow length 62tip to tip. Suggested brace height is between 7 1/2- 8 1/4.

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